Best studio monitor stands as of June 2017

Best studio monitor stands

You want to be able to get the best sound of your studio monitors, right?

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best studio monitor stands that will help with the positioning of your monitors and with decoupling from surfaces that might cause issues.

In order to do that you have to set them up in a way that allows them to perform optimally.

The easiest way to position them correctly is with the help of some speaker stands.

Below we are going to look at some of the best studio monitors stands for the money to help you make the right decisions for your home studio.

VideoSecu MS097B

This stand is actually impressive in term of what you get for the price, especially if you don’t have huge speakers.

They offer a solid build with a nice level of adjustability in terms of height but also in regards to the top plate.

The plate is adjustable in width, pan, and tilt. The plate uses side clamps to secure the speaker in place and also features screw holes.

Instead of drilling holes in your speakers, which nobody wants to do, some users have made wooden plates to the desired dimensions, screwed that in place and just placed the speakers on that.

You can probably tell from the picture that the plate on this stand is not very deep, but with the method above you can attach a plate that perfectly fits your speakers.

Other people use soft pads on clamps to prevent damage to the speakers and just use the force of the clamp to hold the speakers in place. Others just use Blu-Tack, a reusable adhesive.

Another cool feature of this stand is that it provides is access to run your wires through the tube from the base up to the speaker.

Overall they are great value for money, people report using them with 8” speakers without problems. I wouldn’t personally go above the usual 6” speaker, not with the included base.

If you have a small garage shop and tools these can actually provide a solid skeleton to add a larger base and custom plate for the speakers.

Ultimate Support JSMS70

This is a height adjustable monitor stand that comes from a company that makes stands for the most part.

These stands have a design that has been done by everybody and their dog by now and unfortunately, between those, there are many poor quality ones.

Yes, you will find a cheaper version, some of them might be good but it’s a gamble for the most part.

If this is a stand that you would grab, grab it from Ultimate Support to make sure you don’t get a version that is just crap.

The stand has 4 locking heights 32.25″, 36.25, 40.25″, 44.25″ and it’s suited for monitors up to 8” but I wouldn’t go further than that.

Other than that, there are well build and have a decently sized base.

The fact that this is probably the most common design you will find in terms of studio monitor stands tells you that it is a design that works well.

Auray LMS 355

This is a design that, personally, I like very much. Specifically, I like the base plate.

The top plate is the “usual” plate with two anti-slip strips, 9” in this case.

The bottom has 3 legs instead of a triangle in this case. This allows you to place the stand closer to corners, not wall corners, but desk corners. I find that to be pretty valuable in some situations.

They are also safer for your feet. Depending on your situation and your available space this is actually something to consider.

Believe me when I say you don’t want to accidentally hit a corner of the typical triangle base with your feet. Ask me how I now…

Some people do however report that the feet flex a bit with heavy 8” speakers. Not much but there is some flex in there.

Overall, for the money, they are a great option.


The SMS1Bk is a fixed height stand at 36”. The plate on this guy is 8” by 9” and the bottom 10” by 12”.

The construction is very sturdy and they also have a port to allow you to fill them with sand to make them even more planted to the ground.

They also come with small foam pads but not very thick. You may want to get a separate set of pads.

For the bottom, you have either rubber feet or carpet spikes.

The problem with it is that is fixed but this means fewer things to break.

Overall a solid product if you think it’s suitable for your application.

Ultimate Support MS-90 & MS-100

Yes, it’s another product from Ultimate support. Actually two, but they are mostly the same that is why I grouped them together.

The MS-90 is a solidly build a stand with plenty of decoupling elements throughout its construction. This makes it very good at preventing vibrations from going into the floor.

Inside the body of the stands, there are 3 channels. The larger one, you can fill with sand to make the stand heavier and the others for cable routing.

It is not height adjustable but there are a couple of sizes available. Make sure you do some measurements to get the right size for you.

The MS-100 is just like the MS-90 but has the Ultimate Support MS-80 adjustable pad on top.

This adds another layer of decoupling and also allows you to angle the monitor by simply twisting a knob.

In conclusion

This concludes our studio monitor floor stands roundup. Hopefully, you find something here that suits your situation and budget at the same time.

If you need to get some isolation pads don’t forget to check out our pick for best studio monitor isolation pads.

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